Besieged - The Curse Of Two Dragons

I love God-crazy Christian hardcore bands. They preach on stage for fifteen minutes and then play a song that's three minutes long while screaming about bloody passion for Christ. Granted, God loving hardcore bands aren't as ridiculous as Satan worship ones. But it's still stupid as fuck. Some times they get so fucking passionate they start crying on stage, or start praying on stage as some sort of fucking gimmick. Some times people have praying sessions in the pit and then hit each other in total disregard. What a contradiction of all kinds. I hope these idiots wake up and see how religion is the opiate of all masses and how much harm over salvation that they indeed cause. I hope all you Christian hardcore kids with neck tattoos realize sooner or later that since no companies are willing to hire you, you'll have to resort in getting a job picketing for the Westboro's Baptist Church (a 'service' proclaimed for God). I hope more Jews find Jesus Christ's resurrected body and staple him to the cross with nine nails again. Mosh for Jesus? Give me a fucking break. And by a break I mean an inverted cross so I can stab you in the eye when you get too close to me with your stupid fucking prayer shenanigans.


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