Carpathian - Isolation

Carpathian -
Carpathian -
Carpathian -

Another Australian hardcore band singing about how much their lives suck. This type of music reminds me of the Carrier and all those melodic upbeat Comeback Kid-like sort of hardcore bands with preppy looking post-adolescents with tattoos, who scream about how much their lives suck because they feel lonely and nobody understands them. Here's a tip buddies: if you feel that way, then open the fuck up to people. Nobody's going to talk to you if you're just going to act like an arrogant dipshit everywhere you go. Sure, everyone may have deep rooted insecurity problems and we all cover it up pretty damn well with some cockiness. But if you're gonna act like that for the rest of your life then I'm sure as fuck not gonna hang out with you. It's funny because I see kids like that at hardcore shows all the time, and there's a reason why my interactions with them will be only as far as sharing the same floor at shows. You guys look at act like fucking douchebags and then go back home and post on Tumblr like you're some feeble and modest sweethearts? Aren't we all just a bunch of softies on the inside ... so why is it that you have so much to hide, faggots? Sorry, what was I critiquing again? Oh, this album...? Yeah it's alright if you download it for free. As long as you go to their shows and be a complete jackass afterwards, you've then fully lived the stereotype.


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