Circle Takes The Square - As The Roots Undo


As the roots of my pants undo you will see a huge penis sprung right into your hideous face. That's usually the case with these things, especially my biological supremacy. As you can see, the album art depicts a bunch of pubes ready to be shaved and put into action with the nearest fat bitch I can pick up from a middle aged cougar club in the hick state of Georgia. Isn't that where this band is from and isn't there a woman in this band? I don't care how poetic her lyrics are, I'll bang the shit out of her the minute she opens up her goddamn femme-trap. I love teenage redneck post hardcore and screamo romance... I mean she'll be there screaming bloody mudkips all night being all inspired and artistic and all the guys there are just gazing at her and imagining how nice it would be to stuff a big dick right into one of her many open holes. Then you wonder why so many art-fondly feminists are upset with us men. Shut up bitches, cook me a goddamn sandwich and stroke my crookedly fat penis.


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