Employer, Employee - Discography

The dusk of the twenty-first century gave birth to many obscure spazzomatic power-violence and screamo bands influenced with much hardcore as well as death metal. Employer, Employee from Austin, Texas was definitely one of the more notables. This band gave me nightmares when I first listened to them over Mp3.com at the age of fourteen. Being from the north, this was one of my most permanent impressions of the hillbillies from the south. I can imagine the band bringing chainsaws to their band practices in desert cabins, and screaming bloody mudkips at each other while having their torso's dismembered. This band initially released an EP on Relapse called Mother Spain And The Seafaring Myth with three short and shitty tracks before coming out with a monstrous LP called "sic [sic]" which the name sounds like a faggot Slipknot worship or something (which doesn't make sense to me because why in the world would a band this good undermine themselves by making references to nu-metal, either intentionally or unintentionally I don't fucking care). Anyways, 2010 came the a decade-old anniversary for the band and Robotic Empires decided to release a whole entire discography album combining both of their records into one and made available to download over the net. All you old balding hardcore vinyl-collecting ogres with beards can now rejoice. If you're gay enough to collect vinyl but don't have their shit yet, I highly encourage/discourage you to purchase them here, you hording basement nerds.


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