Life In A Burn Clinic - Individual Rites

Life in a Burn Clinic - Individual
Life in a Burn Clinic - Individual
Life in a Burn Clinic - Individual
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Yeah, this grimy metal band goes way back to when Prosthetic Records first handed out their shitty little sampler album that one could purchase at HMV for $5. That was back then when Lamb of God's "Black Label" was still a hit. It's no wonder why Lamb of God blew up and these guys didn't: because they simply fucking suck. Well, I mean, as do Lamb of God but this shit is simply so much worse if even fucking possible. This sounds like some fast-paced punk bullshit played by fat ogres who hasn't showered in the past ten years of their miserable music career. The album is completely unlistenable and their one music video looks like a cheap ass production filmed by their little brother's Toys R Us video set. I guess everyone who listened to this album loathed it so much they set their whole record player on fire and couldn't put it out, and that explains where the name of the band came from. Thanks assholes for making me spend the rest of my life in a burning clinic as a result of listening to your crap.


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