Love Lost But Not Forgotten - Upon The Right, I Saw A New Misery

Here's another spazzed out screamo crust album for you, the sophomore release from Love Lost But Not Forgotten. Don't ask me what the album title means, I have no fucking clue. I don't speak screamo fag memes. It sounds like some foreigner trying to write a poetic Facebook status while still in ESL. I bet some girl rejected those emo faggots again and went fucking another jock when they were suppose to have a date at the band practice. What I liked about these weird screamo bands (City of Caterpillar, Pg 99, Neil Perry etc) was just that it was so distinctively different from metalcore back in the days when metalcore was making a rise. But at the same time this shit was highly unlistenable and kind of got my nerves because after a while of playing on repeat it sounds just like noise. It's got weird ass jazz interludes that would put a smile on the faces of black civil rights artists in the cultural revolutionary era. Anyways, as metalcore climbed its way to mainstream back in 2004/2005, this genre sort of went extinct as far as I can tell. But it's an interesting album definitely worth a listen. It's just unfortunate that you're a stupid fucking judgmental faggot.


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