Love Sex Machine - Self-Titled

Listening to this album is seriously like getting a sledgehammer chizzled straight through your goddamn face. Every cause of Japan's ninth degree earthquake and tsunami pointed back to the inception of this band playing their music. Pure down tempo sludge and crust ready to annihilate the world faster than December 21st of 2012. It's quite ironic how these guys came from a French label, originating from a country of peace loving hippie faggots. But then again, their name still says it all about their culture: even though their music is extreme as fuck, they still name their band "Love Sex Machine". I love French girls, they're fuckin' smokin. I wonder if any of these band members have a sister I can easily rape. Knowing that they're Frenchies, they probably wouldn't mind either. "Ohh, you wanna make love to her? Go ahead, I'll share with you just as we do with our politics, wealth and land." Goddamn pushovers. It's a wonder why America doesn't just tread on their territory and take over their fucking nation-states with our soldiers. Because of what, the European Union? Please wait a second while pause stroking my dick at the sheer terror, faggots.


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