Racetraitor / xRacetraitorx & Burn It Down - Make Them Talk [split]

Just as I would expect hate responses for my previous Racetraitor review of their full length "Burn the Idol of the White Messiah", here comes one self-loathing white boy who obviously reeks of feeling guilty because he thinks it's deserved for being white. I'm surprised I'd give him the time of the day for responding to this, but it gives me something to write about. Here is his stupid fucking brain-dead tirade (in defense of xRacetraitorx):
yet they have done more and reached out to more people than your fucked in the asshole sideways blog has and EVER will do!!! you spoiled suburban pathetic white boy-you probably wear womens jeans and are five foot nine and weigh in at one hundred and eighty pounds. soaking wet, -just like your mothers panties... you spoiled little suburban fuckhead... you give jerry's kids a bad name.
Nothing this guy wrote made any sense whatsoever. But okay, let me start ... Firstly, I'm glad they've done more than I did by composing albums after albums about hating their own race, you stupid faggot. See, this is why I am a critic and not a musician. If I was a musician and had the chance, I would have sucked the manager of Fall Out Boy and became a MTV star as well, retard. But it just happens that I'm fat, ugly and untalented. So I sit home and wipe my ass to shit records like Racetraitor and piss off butt hurt homosexuals like you. I wish someone would fuck my blog sideways oh man. Imagine another man insert his dick so far up that my blog has to crabwalk side to side at a show. That would be fucking tough as well. And I'd unzip my girl pants and jerk off to your hate-mail if I wasn't so fucking fat, rich and spoiled in the suburbs. I'm glad you mentioned my mom's panties, you pervert. If you must know, they are currently being auctioned on Ebay for $44.99 with a five dollar increment. She sells at least two a month to pay off this internet I'm using. But if it spoils me, I don't care if she prostitutes herself by any means. After all, her genetics must have been quite superior to have procreated my five-foot-nine and 180 pounds of lovely self. I'd still declare Jihad on your ass and your lover Jerry and his kids, whoever the fuck they are, faggot. Don't let your split personalities cut into your rhetoric buddy, however as fucking weak as they are. You did a horrible service defending this bands' name. I'm compelled to believe you're one of their friends', and not just a fan bashing away and insulting me to defend what those asswipes stood for. But then again, it's not surprising to see their fan base being as fucking stupid as you. But it's okay though, because I feel so fucking sorry for your pitiful existence, I'm going to waive the shipping and handling fee for you the minute you win the bids for my mom's soaking wet panties, you fucking disgustingly perverted faggot.


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