Redeemer - First Degree

Last Christmas, the metalcore monopoly label Mediaskare pulled a not-so-new marketing stunt for their client Redeemer: put their whole album out for free downloading on Mediafire. Thanks a lot dickheads... See, you may have felt like you wasted ten grand on recording a new debut, but you have in fact won many new fans, including myself, who's now writing about you assholes. Do you fucking cheap bastards associated with the music industry see how this works? You let me download an album and some times the sonicboom effect reaches out enormously. To have a label sue its fans and shut down all opportunities for one to listen to music is entirely counter-productive and creates resentment and rebellion from its young supporters. With all said, great fucking stunt, Mediaskare. This album gives me the quiver down my spine. Simply and passionately amazing. And it just happens that artists like these don't really have to worry about people pirating music because they know, it's their heart and energy into music that will sell itself, and not so much the leveling of free/"illegal" downloads of the album thereof. Dear recording industries of America: it's time to change the fundamental ways of doing things in your industry, you pathetic naive bureaucratic dinosaurs.


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