Saved By Grace - For What You Have Done (Link Updated)

I used to listen to this band all the time back in high school, and they helped me get through the day. The lifelessly depressing lyrics gave me something to relate to in a time when I felt like I had nothing else to rely on. The man sang about Jesus Christ, which is fine but I didn't buy too heavily into that shit. But listening to this album nowadays just makes me sad. We all know josh took his own life a year or two ago, leaving behind a kid and an ex-wife i believe. I know i talk about stupid shit on this blog all the time to keep myself and the audience mildly entertained but I'm gonna have to pause for a minute. Because every time I hear about someone taking his own life I feel as if I'm on the verge of losing it myself (much like the Mathieu guy from beheading of a king more recently). It's quite a sensitive topic for me because as much as I hate people and the world, suicide should never be the solution (even regardless of how much some people simply deserves to just fucking die). I know details can be complicated in these sorta situations, but I wonder where their local hardcore scene were to support these people in the time of need. I wonder where Jesus Christ and their prayers went. This album was simply fucking amazing and it's very ironic that for all the people he's helped/saved with the music, he could barely save himself in the end. My condolences to Josh's families and friends for this loss. This band was nothing short of legendary at its times. Now with all serious faggot shit aside, if you have suicidal tendencies and the hotlines are down, feel free to spill your heart out to be in the comment section of this entry so i can fucking laugh at you.


  1. definitely a good read and the glimpse into someone's psyche is always appreciated but for me it's a double edged sword.. part of me is completely angered because of the complete selfishness in this act leaving friends and loved ones behind thinking they didn't matter at all and on the other hand it always makes me think what in the persons life could be so bad, so overwhelming that the option of suicide could even be considered let alone acting upon.. so sad to hear it happens even if it's someone i never met or just don't know at all. anyway.. i have this cd and even to this day i'll pop it in once in a while i still love it. i'm oldschool and am not afraid to admit to still being heavy into the bands who made the genre that has been dubbed Christcore :P and even though they don't rock the "Christian" moniker anymore i'm really excited for the new Zao release hopefully before the end of the year.!


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