Seventh Star - The Undisputed Truth

Sometimes I look at hardcore and cry myself to sleep at night. I'm anguished over the fact that it's such a fucking dying genre. Where I'm from nowadays there are sixteen year old teeny boppers push moshing to For The Fallen Dream and faggot thirty-five year old Motorhead fathers coming to Hatebreed shows. Because you know, the blurring of genres has totally sold out what was once a precious and pure hardcore culture. And I fucking hate push moshers, emo kids, crew assholes, and jerk off vocalists all around. Fuck this stupid scene. I wish I was still as naive as I once were at the age of sixteen, when we helped to solidify the local hardcore culture to become what it is. Before we let these new jacks and idiot metalheads completely destroy what we worked so hard to build. One crew life motherfuckers, this weekend I'm going to administer a beatdown to whoever unfortunate enough to be close to me when I'm jamming out to this album.


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