From the way I look at it, hardcore is mostly a suburban phenomenon. The culture is derived from an extremely suitable environment where (1) properties are huge and spacious for the mosh to happen and (2) a bunch of spoiled suburban upper-middle class white kids with absolutely nothing to do with their worrisome-free life. Since most of their lives are raised with no real life-or-death issues (other than not getting the most recent Iphone 6 on the exact day of its release which may feel like a life-or-death issue), they have to find something else to be pissed off about. And seeing that playing rock and roll and touring is actually a luxury good, these types of kids exploit it to the fullest extent by driving and touring everywhere and playing their art which no lower-class westerners who live in poverty can possibly afford. Can you imagine playing the drums in a cooped up apartment room in the ghetto? You'd get your fucking ass beat. So as my theories are proven correct at all times, one can see that the suburbanite's dedication to a flourishing hardcore scene may be stronger than kids in the city. Because kids in urban areas (1) have more shit to worry about like getting shot at all times when they aren't looking, and (2) engage in another form of moshing, namely "push moshing" as venues are pathetically small and unaccommodating like suburban community centers which are considered the central gathering spot of little white towns. It is easy to see how youths from the suburbs have nothing else to do but to nourish their own hardcore scenes. Sure, there may be exceptions like the NYHC scene back in the eighties and nineties, but fuck you. My sociological analysis remains correct because I have a big anus and you do not. In conclusion, suburban hardcore is a luxury good many rappers from Compton will never get to experience. Fortunately and unfortunately.


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