Don't you hate it when you have to take a serious shit in the midst of your work shift? You go into the washroom and awkwardly lock yourself into a toilet isle. As you pull down your dress pants and sit down, you realize a pair of dress shoes belonging to a fellow unknown co-worker next isle. Uncomfortable to let your poop rip out of your rectal tube while he's still active in the isle beside yours, you desperately hold it in with utmost tension. But five minutes later you realize you are over your break and he's still there. Your shit is still lodged inside of your anus. Since you cannot hold it in anymore, you ultimately squat a huge poo poo as it drops into the toilet basin after making the most uncomfortable noise ever as it's coming out of your asscheeks. The smell was unbearable. You refuse to admit you are embarrassed, so you exclaimed "ohh baby!" to re-affirm your masculinity. Next thing you hear is gagging from the next isle. As you chuckle uncomfortable, you make a snarky remark to your friend next door, saying "eh, sorry bud, but what goes out must come out". The response you get, however, had you shuddered. In your boss's voice, you hear the person to the next isle reply "Oh is that so? Then I'd like to see you in my office after your ritual please."


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