I'm sorry for the lack of updates throughout the past week or two. Fight me. I was mourning the loss of a female friend who I once had a very close and intimate relationship with more than four years ago. Went to the funeral on Thursday and never seen so many familiar but grieving faces at once. She was a beautiful inside and out. It sucks it takes a tragic situation like this to happen to bring us all together again. Because we're all so fucking concerned with beefing with one another, and dividing ourselves apart because of labels, subcultures and communities. Like who the fuck cares if they listen to metalcore and you are pretentious enough to act like you only listen to youth crew? Who the fuck cares if they enjoy rave beats and you're so self absorbed with your punk vinyls that you got your head stuck up your ass so far in that it almost popped out of your neck again? You ever seen a young body in an open casket? Look. When we die, our material body and possessions become irrelevant. Your body and rots away and you get reduced to carbon. What hopefully remains, is an immaterial entity that comprises of your spirit and wisdom obtained throughout life. But you are too stupid to understand that because all you are concerned about is your tattoos, crews, and pit moves. Oh wow that actually rhymed. You walk by kids with metalcore shirts at mall and snicker to your stupid friend who's equally as jaded as you. You guys collect vinyls because you are all stupid, pathetic, and materialistic. Take off those hardcore shirts with only a crest in the front by your upper left nipple and a huge live performance shot at the back with some cliche lyrics from a breakdown that 99% of the world doesn't actually know because it's fucking cliquey and obnoxious. Maybe while I'm mourning about the passing of one life, you guys should practice actually getting one. Peace.


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