Thanks you stupid assholes, I am aware that these old school hardcore albums are nothing new or special. You can easily obtain these overrated records elsewhere. Like the depth of your rotten and miserably deprived childhood. I am fully aware of that you stupid dumb twats. But do you ever cry yourself to sleep that you are an old washed-up has-been who will never resurrect what your sorry local scene was back in 2001. Look at the facts! Most of your even once-pathetic friends have moved onto better shit. They got promoted to managers of their supermarkets and grocery stores. Many of them went abroad. Some even graduated college and either got into a specialized trade or educated in the tech industry. What the fuck are you doing you silly goose? Still writing that zine nobody reads and telling people you are the pioneer of your days (as if those words mean anything to others). Hey Lambgoat, your message board is a joke. There is absolutely nothing impressive about the oldfags on the reviled forum. Nothing but a bunch of alcoholic ex-juvenile delinquents devoid of any real life skills. Time for suicide! Still wanna sell records to your old band? Thanks to the internet you've earned $0.20 cents your whole entire decade of touring in net profit! It's cool, you're doing it for the love, right? HA.


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