xAFBx - 2015 EP

Here is an interesting philosophical thought experiment.

There is a bowl of 10,000 M&M's shipped into your neighbourhood for Christmas. The FDA has recently issued a recall (warning) that around 1% of the batch M&M's (~100 total) may be poisonous and may severely harm/kill you if ingested. Would you be alarmed and dispose of the M&M's? Or do you proceed with the reasoning that not all M&M's are bad and the neighbourhood should accept the M&M's because (1) possibility of 1/100 is rather small therefore harmless, (2) failing to do so isn't tolerant to the rest of the M&M's in the batch? Or if we want to stretch it even further, (3) it was possibly the act of little John down the street who poisoned the batch therefore it's our own neighbourhood's fault therefore we should enjoy them without question?

I am not even debating race, current events, or ethics and morale. I am interested in the different school of thoughts in philosophy that has to do with  logic and reason.

Ask this to Obama you fucking lamenuts.


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