Barrier - Dark Days

Didn't these faggot beatdown wannabe losers have something to do with Sworn In?? At least from years ago? I love how suburban township boys who live three hours away from Chicago try to represent Chicago when other faggots like Bryan Gantz (who actually doesn't happen to be from Chicago despite of what he claims) calls them out for it. Pot calling the kettle black. Welcome to the world of being a bunch of pretentious posers. You wonder why professionals in the music industry never take "hardcore" seriously as a genre? Look at the bunch of overtly privileged but testosterone driven retards the scene pumps out. Bubbled faggots who are rehearsed in "good morals and ethnics" but as fake as the lunar landing. This album title must be a premonition of their future having to wash dishes in Subway (which would make them even more unemployable anywhere considering Subway doesn't even wash dishes). Touring, flippin' burgers, touring, flippin burgers, then parents' mutual funds. Some faggots have it made in life. And playing breakdowns sure didn't get 'em there.


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