Xibalba & Suburban Scum 2014 Split

2015 was the hype of the century for hardcore when hardcore kids of the stupid, inane Twitter cult decided to hop on a bandwagon and supposedly "boycott Suburban Scum" because of what Ryan Taylor did to some fucking douchebag scrawny hipster faggot who plays in a shitty hardcore band called Crosscheck. Everyone hashtagged #justiceforTom over a situation they knew absolutely nothing about, because supposedly, in according to one of Tom's friends at a show after This Is Hardcore 2015, Ryan Taylor and some other gaylord beat Tom Anderson unconscious and into a coma over mosh ethics. Which is funny because of course if you're gonna mosh like an asshole you're gonna get what's coming to you, you fucking scrawny hipster faggot. Moreover why didn't Tom's friends do anything to support him during the battle? Instead of being a bunch of social justice warriors trying to get people to pledge a fortune for Tom's recovery bills (whose parents' probably has the premium insurance to pay off anyways seeing that he's probably a privileged faggot). I find it hilarious that everybody tried 'boycotting Suburban Scum' for a week or two and then everything went back to normal. If anything Ryan Taylor successfully pulled off a publicity stunt that would get kids to come out to see his band even more. Tom, if you're gonna be hardcore and jump people and talk shit about others bigger than you, then you better walk the walk as well. The world doesn't give a fuck about you as much as they wanna donate a few bucks to hop on the 'cool moral ethical bandwagon' of the week. You were the flavor of the week, and you were (and still are) a faggot. The whole situation was hilarious in retrospect because it brought a whole generation of posi kids and their need to feel the "community" by donating and talking about something they in fact knew NOTHING about. Internet, what a fucking clown show. Obamacare, where were you?

As for Tom, needless to say when he woke up, he was so astounded by the fact that anyone gave a living fuck about his sorry ass that he tweeted "I have the best friends in the world!" Yeah, the same ones who stood aside and watched you get beaten into a coma? No you don't, you fucking loser. With friends like those who needs animals... enemies... well, both. ahem.


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