Death Before Dishonor - Friends Family Forever

When you were young and impressionable, going to shows is like a release and disassociation from the average high school and neighbourhood cliques for which you didn't have the interest of conforming to. So because you chose an alternative circle that preaches an alternative lifestyle, the older and seasoned veterans of the scene were like gods to you. You had nothing but utmost respect for them and always tried to involve yourself in their shenanigans. Whether it be flailing your heart out and going to a show four hours away. You thought these people were gonna be with you till the end of the time and there was never more of a conviction in your mind that this was all you were going to do until the day you die.

More than ten years later, looking back at those times, and contrasting it with your perspective of who those people are now, you can't feel evermore dissimilar from most if not all of them. All a bunch of losers, scumbags, edge-breakers, and socially recluse has-been's. Not only that, you also feel a little shameful that you've never seen through their pretentious facade since day one. Just a bunch of pieces of shits working kitchen jobs and bar backs. Promoters who work odd blue-collar landscaping jobs. Tattooed macho's who frequent clubs and pop-punk bars trying to sleep with sixteen year olds. And worst of all, vocalists of defunct bands that were a one-timer in their local towns still trying to assert their values and beliefs by shoving it down people's throats online. To compare yourself with where they are currently in life, though you're relatively younger than a lot of them, you can't help but feel pride. Friends, family, forever my ass. Rust in fucking shit.


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