Disgrace - True Enemy

On topic of true enemies, I doubt if the common public would ever know who they're actually suppose to be up against. Take Europe for example. This Muslim atrocity is single handedly destroying Europe and no source of mainstream media would ever tell you that. The leftist liberal garbage that's been force fed into your throat will always avert the fault to other things. "Oh, this is an isolated incident." "Oh, he's had a troubled childhood." "Oh, we besieged his family from the grandparents' generation." They will never point to the obvious principle that destroying lives of innocents is WRONG and it's attributed to an interpretation of their scripture shared amongst many Muslim practitioners of the world. The infiltration of this socialist commie mainstream garbage makes us divert our anger and frustration onto ourselves and feel guilty of our own instinctive thoughts about how things ought to be. In principle of Occam's Razor, sometimes the simplest explanation is the best one. If it seems a certain way it's because it is a certain way. These raghead mudslimes have been car bombing and turning each others' civilization into cesspools of death and destruction since the BC and nothing has changed. Nothing ever will change. It's so deeply embedded in their culture and genetics that it's as predictable as how many cups of water research mice drinks year. And of course Huffington Post and CNN will always try to tell you the situation is more complicated and to say anything otherwise will make you a bigot. While you're trying to change your thoughts you witness a complete decline of Europe from what was once a marvelous beautiful thriving world superpower. Wake the fuck up and smell the coffee. The REAL ENEMY in this context is not your odd uncle for having a certain perspective. The real enemy here is the shit you hear and see everyday convincing you to turn the other cheek. And that is the actual Disgrace we face this day and age.


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