Strikes - The Past, The Present, and the Future of Life

Since hardcore tries to pretend like it's this progressive worldwide phenomenon, it's only a matter of time before the internet takes the genre straight out of the west and into shitstain third world nation-states through really shitty and sold-out channels like that "Hardcore Worldwide" Youtube garbage (which people actually follow religiously like it's some serious business). Nothing could be sadder than some of the horrendous crap that are out in Indonesia right now and "Strikes" is definitely somewhere top of the ladder. A bunch of dark Hindu-oriental looking gook niggers with shitty spacers and neck tattoos playing music that sounds like Champion infused skate punk with cringey cliche titles like "PMA for life" or other obscurely related bullshit like that. Good job asshats, glad you found the internet but you're literally 20 years behind and I don't care if you claim it's just because it's now making a comeback. This isn't what I actually despise about Indonesia though. My actual issue with this goddamned backward Muslim country is the gross human rights violations it blatantly displays to other countries as if disrespect is intentional. I am not necessary a radical abolish-death-sentence type of guy because I get that it's common in the oriental and lesser civilized nations. And frankly some works of devil simply deserve to die. But to be dropping foreigners like flies under Raids because of a cheeky (and seriously failing) "War on Drugs" is an awfully sickening thing. God knows what sort of fabricated show trials the accused from foreign countries have to go through under their rigged system. I can only guess in a country that uses firing squad of ten executioners that their standards of rights and ethics are sub-par to none. Come on boys and girls. This fucking place is seriously the shit-stain of earth. Even Australian and UK administration has offered travel warnings and boycott advisory against going to junkyard islands like these because they have been continuously executing men and women not native to their land like it's nobody's business.

"Oh but I heard so much good things about Bali blah blah blah..."

No you haven't. Shut up before I put a death squad to your head, bitch. Bali is not some exotic resort that scam artist travelling agencies photoshop for you to believe. Wake the fuck up and smell the disease as it washes ashore. It's a fucking cesspool of environmental and human filth under a rigged Muslim big brother that watches over your shoulders and forces you to eat shit like the animals you're treated as. And once you land at the airport it's only a matter of time before their barbaric natives start following you around, hustling you to buy their fake watches and making cat-calls to your white women whom they won't take NO as an answer when past certain time in the evening.  That is the real Bali. This is the real fucking exotic Indonesia tourist resort and paradise they never told you about. Have fun supporting their terrible hardcore bands in the principle of "oh but we're not racists hehe".

Indonesia fucking sucks


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