American Standards - Still Life

The only legitimate black rights movements are the radical separatist movements. They believe that black people can never achieve freedom and happiness insofar as they're submissively "dominated" by the current system. I'm not sure whether that's true or not, but if by what they're saying, they want a Separate Nation For All Blacks then sure, let 'em have it. Let's make and sacrifice one state a confederate and move 'em all there. I vow for somewhere in the south that nobody cares about, like perhaps Florida (since it's gone to shit due to their migratory influence anyways). Make the borders patrolled from the rest of the goddamn states and watch 'em live long and prosper there. But is it ever gonna happen? Have we seen what happened with Zimbabwe and South Africa over the past two decades? You don't have to establish a black independence wherever domain you're at, nigga! White flight's already one step ahead of you because the ones running away are the ones capable of thinking about THEIR quality of living. Whenever the separatists get their own agendas honored, then perhaps one day we'll be living the real American Standards. Until then, keep shooting officers and adding to the deadly racial tension the nation has been suffering the worst of since the sixties. And you can thank your monkey president Obama for doin' all he could to preach equality and making America better by bringing the "changes" promised since 2008.


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