Before I Had Wings - Dethroned

I love how when that dipshit Lil Peep drops dead from the face of the earth due to a drug overdose (a foreseeable consequence by his manager at least half a year prior to the incident as Twitter indicated) there's a movement of eighteen year old social justice warriors trying to justify his death as a form of "mental illness and addiction" and that such debilitating illnesses shouldn't be trivialized or discriminated against. I'm sorry you dumb drug abusing twats. But when you make a career with music videos and lyrical content glamorizing drug abuse and influencing countless amount of younger generation kids who don't know any better and look at you as an influential god-like icon and cannot think for themselves then you technically have blood on your hands for leading them to live that way. It sucks that your own death is one thing but imagine the countless others who will eventually live a life of addiction and overdose while they are trying to be like you. If you are an artist then perhaps you want to think about using your voice and platform to disseminate positive values and positive ways of living life. Instead of being a drug addicted piece of shit whose death ultimately spoke more volume about how our generation ought to live their lives instead. Pathetic how he never preached better while he was alive and it was through his fatality did he send a message to his endearing fans worldwide. I also love how he is eulogized as some sort of saint or God when behind the shadows of all the fad and glamour he's nothing but a drug addicted piece of shit singing shitty auto-tuned tunes that turn other fans into drug-addicted pieces of shit. Sure, drug addiction and mental conditions are no laughing matter. But when you show no accountability as a pop culture idol and influence younger generation into living a life of debauchery as you do then perhaps it's time to cease and desist... with your career, I mean. But I guess in the end it turned out pretty predictable anyways.


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