I can't get over how funny dumb igloo dwelling Canuck fucks are. Instead of talking about this band let's talk about that ridiculously stupid subarctic territory which its polar bears are probably smarter than its people. 

Evidence for my claim? 

Let's take a look at the recent case of Alek Minnasian. That stupid fucking dumb piece of shit Arab looking terrorist that mowed down over 16 people in Toronto is apparently a sexually deprived virgin who worshiped Elliot Rodgers because of a Facebook post? LOL. Great. Now the media can attack men furthermore and enforce radical feminism without tackling the real root of the fucking issue. Want to know something about filthy arabs? They have been acclaimed throughout their cultural history for oppressing and slaughtering women for any little ounce of disobedience shown to men. Moreover their peoples have been slaughtering and massacring and genociding each other since the fucking dawn of time before Christ was even conceived because of their genetic failure to mark themselves as civilized people. None of this is ever blamed upon themselves which is the most obvious and sensible explanation. Instead people attack Christianity for their "crusades" which was utter nonsense as well because the crusades were done in self-defense because Europe back then didn't wanna holster a Shariah flag like they suicidally do now. None of this has ever been talked about in our biased media that practices censorship. So instead of tackling the real issue of immigration and refugees and Arabic takeover of the western states (and the harm they do to our people within), the media puts a spin that it's all about chauvanism and alienated men becoming radicalized. The real radicalization is still what's deeply inherent within Muslim Arabic men but of course their citizens refuse to believe that and their ball-less mainstream press wouldn't touch it with a ten foot Muslim dick. But yup, thanks to a fuckin trivial post on his account that meant nothing (nothing more than a joke according to anyone's basic understanding), the media centers "INCELS" around a fake reason to detract us from the real issue that is Muslim people ruining lives in the west. So hey liberal bleeding hearts and dumb fucking social justice warriors and femme-twats, want to fight patriarchy and justice for female rights? How about getting your deadbeat ladyboy prime minister Trudeau to shut off the border to all Muslim and refugee migration you fucking soft ass spineless pussy. But he'll never lift a finger to do anything to protect your national sovereignty because he's a fucking emasculated birth-defected "pretty-boy" with the brain of a single celled amoeba. Next time a radical muslim shoots up a mall or a school I can't wait till the liberal Canadian media scapegoating another problem. Such as ... oh, this guy is somehow an opponent of technology therefore we need to ban all technology that enforces free speech. Good one you fucking dumbass tools. Your rhetoric and politics make a whole lotta sense. Enjoy the decline of your laughable excuse of a country you miserably suicidal policy-making twats.


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