The democrats and the criminal Obama and Clinton administration would love to turn this country into nothing more than a third world country. Oh welcome to America. The next Mexico and Middle East. Meanwhile look at what post-apartheid era has done to Zimbabwe and is on the verge of doing to South Africa now that land is being expropriated back in the hands of the negroes at the expense of white farmer's safety and lives. Absolute atrocity what all these inferior races are turning our once-prospering western nations into. Ethnic minorities incompatible with acclimating to capitalist societies crying for political correctness: the most failed framework and experiment that defies all common sense in terms of what common sense is. Funny how album's titled Old World Harm when the New World is the actual threat. California is being turned into a fucking slum with this multicultural floodgate of illegal aliens and migrants destroying what's left of the once a first-world American dream. Amazing work. This is the liberal paradise you live in. And it's definitely gonna get better over time when the liberals and democratic oligarchs continue to have their way with our western world.


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