If you want to look for a pitifully pathetic music subculture that has absolutely zero potential for growth and be taken seriously by big mainstream industry playersrest assured you'll have to look no further than the genre of hardcore. In every other scene even as crappy as raving EDM, crust punk, jazz, death metal, or bohemian fucking hippie fucking raggae you have promoters and bands working together alongside each other to support their growth. Promoters are not adversarial but rather they support their so-called 'competitors' hand-in-hand. Fans welcome newcomers and let them feel at ease when first being exposed to the music. Nobody judges and everybody is just there for a good fucking time. In hardcore the concept of people working together and welcoming new people in a non-judgmental paradigm is an absolute non-practicable concept despite of how much they vouch that it's somewhere mysteriously deep embedded in their roots and principles. There isn't a scene more hypocritical than your standard American hardcore. What is unity of out of towners come to a show and gets into pit beef with local crew members and then get told to leave after a parking lot beef escalation. Promoters working against each other with their shows as opposed to working together so that the scene grows stronger -- trying to fight for bands for their own towns instead of putting their efforts together so shows can be bigger and more fans can actually be united as opposed to divided. Kids talking shit about bands and each other over Lambgoat while hiding under anonymous facades (and dumbass webmaster doesn't do anything about this and actually allows it to happen because somehow his website claims to supports the industry and not just his own clickbait statistics). Bands skipping towns and even states because other crews do not welcome them playing there and their safety is at risk. Bands breaking up because of crew beef (we're also talking about crews that actually listen to the same genre of music LOL). Band chicks fucking every band member they can find and then incite drama over Facebook over allegations of rape after coming to terms with the realization that they've been fucking prostituting whore their whole entire adolescent lives. Dumb fucking attachment to socio-political ideologies that are actual nonsense in the practice of how a real world can work (i.e. respecting feminism, opening borders to migrants, animal liberation and the list goes on). All of this ultimately boils down to a zero-acceptance of outsiders and outside-views other than their own in what is somehow ironically a self-proclaimed most accepting music scene in the world. It is a wonder why nobody ever takes this scene seriously and hardcore itself contains the seeds to its own destruction. Ten or twenty years down the road these idiot promoters, crew leaders, and mosh-kings whose identity has been developed through their golden ages of the hardcore scene when they've yet to alienate everybody away from coming to their shows are left astray and wondering ... what the hell happened to their beloved and well-cherished scene they've apparently given everything to... when in reality the fact that "given everything" actually meant doing everything in their power to ostracize others and making it the most toxic environment in the world for anyone to continue supporting or simply taking interest in checking out. Look at all these bands that have been disbanded after three years due to non-business viability. Look at all these labels that go defunct because they cannot last. Look at all these festivals gone due to drama, bankruptcy, crew-beef and whatever. Look at all the venues elitists has destroyed. Look at the people split apart because little differences of one core genre differs from another core genre. Look at how crews pit themselves against one another and towns don't associate with other towns. Look at all these kids who can't grow up. Ladies and gentleman, here we present you hardcore music in a nutshell.


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