Advent - Naked and Cold

Western civilization has taught millenials one thing. That if they wanna work for something, they don't ever have to work for it. And with high technology and social media endlessly proliferating over their smartphones, they are never happy knowing that they're always missing out on something their friends/peers/followed-celebrities are doing and experiencing. We are a time of greatest technological advancements yet we are the most unhappiest ever. And all these technocrats are telling us that the world is becoming better and exploiting profits off making this global dystopian world. Kids growing up are taught that the internet & digital world matters more than the real world. And getting more followers are more important than making true friends. While we are on a Christian metalcore band I sincerely hope God will shut the fucking switch off the world's energy and circuits one day. So all these weak will eventually be weeded out. That would be a grassroot paradise we'll one day revert back to. Where we can rub sticks to make fire, and fornicate women in byzantine caves to create primitive neanderthals (a stage where Africa is still currently at, cool).


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