Revenge Season - Eternal Despair

I initially said I wasn't gonna upload their shit music but I changed my mind because the vocal apologist posted that she'd donate all their remaining merch revenues to a shelter in Atlanta to feed the worthless homelesses and niggers. Download this and undermine their pretentious cause even more! Burn Atlanta fucking burn.

Said this again and again, and every time I used to say it I sincerely hoped it was the last time I'd ever have to say it, but recent events would always inevitably pop up and compel me to say this again .

The hardcore scene is nothing but holy fucking toxic cancer. You wonder why no real people in the big music industry would ever take this shit seriously. But then again that's why their etho stands for being against the mainstream and sticking it to the man, right? If you're sticking it to the man then you certainly wouldn't be following that social justice politically correct crap (which makes no sense whatsoever). And if you're a tight positive community you wouldn't be publicly vindictive against your friends during a time of disagreement. Social justice warriors have a mental illness. Nobody in this scene ever grew up in the inner city to see how bad really is. Some dude on the net had it spot on when posted something along the lines of 'try going to parts of Africa and see how the remaining few of the whites are treated during this terrible post-colonial times -- what happens to them? -- right they get murdered.' Well, not exactly in those words obviously but nothing about the gist is wrong. Then you got some retarded black vocalist of a band nobody heard about jumping on this bandwagon playing the victim need to off themselves as well.  What a fucking dramatic pity party for everyone. Also what made this ultimately the funniest shit ever was when she made a public apology and the band succumbed to the unreasonable hype and pressure after being called out by their collective group of 21-and-under year old twitter-using fans. If you had the balls to say something in private conversations - which in many of our opinions nothing is wrong with doing that - then stick by it and not backpedal and play the white apologist card. And having band members, who should be your truest friends whom you spend almost every waking second with next to your family, not supporting you and instead decides to disband over a bunch of immature twitter replies takes the epic cake as to how weak all these tough hardcore flailing kids really are. This scene really doesn't have a leg to stand on. And those that do have legs to stand in this scene gets away with shit hundred times worse because nobody dares to call them out on their bullshit.

Hardcore at the end of the day is a fucking joke because since all the music sounds the same they need sensationalism and drama to keep everybody on track that the community is still worth partaking in, even if it's at the expense of their closest friends in a scene that prides itself in being inclusive and strong on its commeradery. Nothing about what they preach has any substance to it because at the end of the day these trend and bandwagon hopping losers care more about what their majority thinks and says than asserting their own beliefs and domain. If I wanted to kick these idiots off a tour it wouldn't be something as stupid as a word used in a private chat. But because she's fucking ugly, and probably fat, and just generally an unpleasant fucking fake person not unlike her bandmates as we've now witnessed. And their music is fucking garbage like everything else on that weekend festival with vocalists probably preaching about anti-racism at the same time their affluent upper-middle-class family install more sophisticated home security systems with panoramic cameras to prevent the influx of Mexicans and niggers migrating into their neighborhoods from breaking in. Egalitarianism and political correctness is a mental fucking illness. These kids lack experience in the real world and never broke free of their little scenic circle to understand how human beings truly interact with each other. Then they jump around hold mics and preach about shit they don't actually know anything about. And ultimately that's hXc in a nutshell.

Maybe this is a blessing in disguise because after all these people are getting ousted or canceled due to false Sexual allegations and bullshit as petty as this, they will come to realize that no person with a single ounce of self respect and integrity sticks with this so-called-scene after high school . Seriously dude, this is probably the most useful tip you're gonna get this whole post not that I care about any of you blacklisted faggots. Move onto something else. Working for peace corps. Get into trap. Move somewhere else and start an indie label. Produce electronic music and goto real festivals. Bright people once involved in the scene has realized all of this. Which is why their attendants are at an all-time-low . And they cry about their community dying. Next time you wonder why, check your retweets, idiots . Enjoy having no friends. It's okay. Because least you belong in a scene full of lies.

I hope the ultimate revenge season comes in a few decades .When niggers storefront every once-thriving major cities they infiltrate and ruin and put white lives in danger and tyranny like they've done to Detroit and Baltimore. Then these suburban pansies will get a tough grip on reality and suck up their weak crying bullshit. But I doubt it because at the end of the day, they are, well, them.


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