Harm's Way - Blinded

Christopher Langan is an exceptional man in United States with an IQ of over 190. Psychologically tested and labeled as possibly the world's smartest man (although that doesn't say much since now the average of IQ has been dumbed down thanks to unfettered middle eastern and african migrants). He is quite an icon in the Mensa's world's gifted society. Recently he has made a post about a gifted gorilla that I find highly appropriate and relevant to the disaster that is our open border western world. Instead of paraphrasing it I will just post it here. Why would Facebook remove the account of this highly gifted figure of our gifted community for making this truthful and much under-examined post? Because it reeked so much fucking truth they can smell the stench from their headquarter of Menlo Park, California. Without giving people a chance and looking into its merits. So the mentally-defective lefties, feminists, niggers and radical fucking Muslims can spew their fucking illogical garbage from a day to day basis and call for the gradual genocide of the white race from a day to day basis. That's okay. But the minute somebody makes an obvious comment about Somalians, something that's an absolute no-brainer if you ever met or lived in a community with any of them, watch the fuck out, all hell breaks loose with your account. Leftbook doesn't give a shit about the truth or anything with an ounce of integrity or merit. It cares about its global investors, sponsors, marketers, and their rating on the public trading board from a day to day basis. Christopher Langan is an extraordinary individual who's written academic works not on social science but in theories of everything pertaining to our physical universe. A document that attempts to connect many academic disciplines together in order to create a sensible explanation to life and everything around us. Most if not all his works go unregarded by the public because these neanderthals with half a brain are too busy viewing cat videos and watching memes of buck niggers gone wild in every pocket of the western frontier. So the minute he writes a fucking sensible post he's hit back with the banhammer. Facebook rocks in that regard. In doing so, more and more idiots are encouraged to post daily with their mind-numbing nonsense about anti-islamophobia and say-no-to-KKK garbage (LOL), and in contrast, intelligent people with half a brain end up posting less and less, to the point that the internet is basically a cult of complete idiots because those with two strands of brain-cells have already stopped posting knowing that you cannot convert the stupid epidemic. Now is it still a wonder why nobody posts anything sensible anymore, and all you see on the net is a bunch of espoused leftist ideology pounded out by people dumber than chimpanzees? Hardly. Also, the smallest dogs bark the loudest and it's awesome to realize how insignificant their rhetoric is and how little amount of merit you can find in their arguments. So this way, smart people are discouraged from posting and internet becomes a safe-haven (aka 'safe space') for idiot gimpy-ass retards to espouse their disgusting and highly biased drivel. None of it ever makes any sense but that's okay. AT the end of the day you won't get banned for posting! Shaping the minds of our next generation of apes with backward misinformation: the de-evolution of humanity starts with Google, CNN, Buzzfeed, and Facebook.

I'd rather have 100,000 moderately intelligent apes bred in a test-tube lab to benefit scientific advancement than to open borders to even 1% of those from Somalia


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