Raw Dawg - World's End


When the mainstream media does a coverage on a young white mass shooter like the recent one in New Zealand, it tries its best at the same time to detract and block you from reading and knowing the agenda behind why he's doing it. That's why the internet, as well as the global mainstream press, does its best to censor and ban their "manifesto literature" that would actually entail the well-rounded reasons as to what would disturb young and disenfranchised white men from pulling the heinous acts that they do. What they do is considered terrorism, they'd outwardly speak. But they'd never dare to classify the hundreds if not thousands of terrorist acts that the Islamic state would pull on western soil, particularly Europe. They never would tell you that despite of these terrible acts of tragedies committed, they were just planned as retaliation attacks because the white race is in danger of being replaced if not on the verge of extinction permanently. The media is so quick to vilify a white man for his wrongful actions but has no intentions of showing you his agenda behind it, and much of what they write isn't without merit at all. This blatant practice of censorship and book-burning is one of the greatest atrocities and injustices to a specific group of people at all times. And it's all being enforced by politically correct social justice nazi's who are running the upper echelons of our western world's government and their corporate-controlled media and press. Next time you read some dumb fucking CNN and Huffington Post's hogwash about a white assailant, feel free to look into why they committed the atrocities they committed. People who have been cornered into the threat of extinction by a global genocide enforced by open borders and migrants on refugee status, taking and exploiting everything they can from the western world without giving a single thing in return. Are these attacks gonna happen more often? I'd think so, sadly, though nobody wants them to happen. But insofar as a race of people feels like they have been cornered to a place that they can no longer fight back reasonably, civil wars within states with bad policies and bad people will happen. So before they start taking everything down on the internet again like the politically correct brainwashers they are, downloading and reading these manifestos will be the last frontier of enjoying your fundamental right to freedom of speech and press. It's your right to know what's actually happening around the world that make crimes like these happen. They are not random acts out of the arbitrary.

Also be reminded that if it was a stupid piece of literature with no truth to it, then those with influence and in power wouldn't mind you reading it. Because it would be just like reading nonsense in nature. But because it's such a well written piece of paper that reflects a certain truth that nobody wants to accept (or only would accept behind close doors but wouldn't speak out in public), then it automatically becomes a reason to forbid you from reading it. If that's not the fundamental premise of book burning and censorship, I don't know what is.

Fuck your politically correct and virtue-signaling indignation. With that said, what a great time for an album in the name of the world ending.


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