Misgiver - Cruelty of Life

The most paradoxically oxymoronic thing about these 'new' hardcore bands is the fact that these obnoxious pre-pubescent spoiled twats dedicate their whole entire 19-21 years of life recreating an era of music long before their birth that they in fact know nothing about. Imagine how fucking painful that actually is. Being born on or after the 2000's and sporting shirts like Candlemass, Youth of Today and All Out War in their promo pics and on stage while rockin their father's haircuts like they lived and shaped the eighties and nineties. Cut out the pretentiousness you stupid prepubescent pieces of shit. You weren't even a zygote in your mother's whore body because she was still busy getting fucked by frat boys in her local college town while in school during that era. You never lived that era of fucking culture and music. And also, all that 80's and 90's punk and metal crap that you worship over back then wasn't cool or even listenable both now and back then. In fact it's all dogshit and sounds like some shit played backwards on a cassette and tape. There is nothing more reprehensible and abhorrent than a bunch of 19-22 year old idiots in the present year 2019 trying to release five inch vinyls and double sided five-minute cassettes as if they are Alice Cooper back in the late 80's. You fucking retards grew up in the age of spotify and Apple Music and there isn't a SINGLE FAN in this world who discovered your music through a two-dollar black&white tour zine. Your fucking helicopter parents wire you money every week when you travel through two states because you're a premature, broke-as-fuck, starving artist who thinks you're living the life of Lars Urich when in fact all your gas money is subsidized by trust accounts set up by family members who love you but are ashamed of you for what you're doing. Go back to college and learn some STEM you fucking stupid twats. Stop touring all over North America and releasing bullshit crap like this that supposedly BRING THE MOSH in community centers. Get over yourselves and set yourselves some new fucking ambitions and goals in life.


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